IFT is a professional engineering private limited company launched in the year 2022

IFT provides welding, quality and safety-consultancy

Our goal is to provide professional welders, welding engineers, instructors, inspectors, fabricators, contractors, NDT technicians, test lab technicians, and much more.

Welding and its Engineering are the backbone of majority of industries such as construction, fabrication, ship building, power generation, pressure vessels, underwater piping, desalination plants, automobile, etc.


To be part of the imperative world class network in the field of joining, welding, cutting and related technologies.

To produce a large workforce of skilled professionals to fuse the interests of clients and customers.


To grow into platform in service provider in this global, this is the way to enhance the Indian across the international.

To provide the most majestic unique new generation advanced Welding technology & quality management services to our new generation from their skills.



To provide an open dialogue with our customers based on honesty, mutual respect and professionalism in order to realize our values.

To despite the difficulties come up on our way, we take on new challenges

To promote the best development of our employees by applying motivation and individual approach to each of them.

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IFT has been continuously developing itself for achievement of the following objectives.

Technology dispersion to industry and the individual.

Promote health & safety.

To promote welding education, training and qualification in India inline with international standards

Implement an effective organizational and management structure.

Up skill Technical persons to higher international standards.