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Wishing to support the industry in its effort to reach the goal of zero incidents, we take pride in training and consulting to pass on our working knowledge of national and international standards.

  • 1. One-stop solution for quality assurance, review, audit and compliance
  • 2. Testing facilities for metallurgical investigation and failure analysis
  • 3. Fully equipped welding facility to support research and development projects, procedure development and training
  • 4. Integrated with other technical expertise including corrosion, integrity and risk
  • 5. Guidance in weld selection and choice of materials
  • 6. Academic and practical experience across the board

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It includes weld design, materials processing and metallurgy, fabrication, quality control and repair.

The complexity of various welding processes, the material changes which are occasioned in the process of welding ? including melting, solidifying and accelerated cooling ? all have an influence on the quality and integrity of a welded joint. IFT has a wide-ranging knowledge of processes, metallurgy and design to specify welds of predictable and consistent quality and is ready to support any project, however complex or broad-ranging, to ensure safety and enhance reliability.