Training Qualifications

We make Short Term Course Certificate for Welding Training, Pipe Fitter, Fabricator, Scaffolding, Lifting Rigger, Plasma cutting, Gas Cutting, Mechanical Fitter, Bandsaw operation/ Lathe Machine operation and , Safety programs with all categories and certification according to Standard Norms.

Welding and cutting operations are used in many manufacturing and engineering environments but they present many risks to health and safety. This course helps you to understand the risks that must be avoided and provides knowledge of how to carry out your welding activities safely.

This course has been updated and is legally accurate in line with any guidance changes

  • Developed by health and safety professionals
  • Online training course and assessment with no time limits
  • Full audio voiceover
  • Approximate duration: 1-2 hours
  • On completion, certificate is posted next working day

Who should take this course?

This Welding Health and Safety training course is suitable for anyone who uses welding and cutting operations in their work, specifically metal-to-metal welding activities, such as gas, electric, arc, MIG and TIG welding.


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