Welding Booth Facilities

We had established 24 Welding Workshop cabins which cover with all safety norms and the machinery which come with International standard of heavy duty with Manufacturer calibration certificate, we are on board with 5 nos of CO2 facility MIG Welding (GMAW/FCAW/SMAW/GTAW) with live streaming camera provision for Online verification and 24 Cabins cover SMAW & GTAW in which the GTAW work under Up slop/Down slop auto controller with start stop switch which help the Welding perfection and reduce porosity due to torch gas flow control, more over we are boosting Argon gas with 316 SS piping header for ever booth to alive pure argon without any impurities.

Many industrial sectors, tests and prototype manufacturing are essential before going into mass production. To this end, IFT offers you support in carrying out your tests (EI) and also in carrying out your CUMOS and DEMOS with your certification body.

A simple rental if you are familiar with this type of equipment

  • The creation of prototypes at IFT in order to consider the rental of your equipment,
  • A delivery of the technical file for the realization of CUMOS and DEMOS
  • A start-up and training on site with support during the tests with the certifying body.
  • By the hour, day, week or month. Inquire pricing at info@iftengineering.com. All welding material and electrodes included. Fully ventilated welding booths. Evenings and weekends available. Our booths accommodate the hobbyist or the welder looking to hone their skills. Processes include MIG TIG SMAW GMAW.